The PSDM was founded in 1993 as a working group of the Biometrical Section (BMS) of the Dutch Society of Statistics (VVS).

In the early nineties the need was acknowledged to create a national network for professionals working in pharmaceutical statistics and data management. Until that time, people primarily had to travel abroad to gain experience, exchange information or discuss scientific specialist topics of their work. This made participation expensive and as a consequence low. In addition there was a growing group of professionals in an environment where more and more regulation was being developed.

From the start onwards, the PSDM became an active member of EFSPI, contributing to collective expert input on statistical matters to national and international authorities and organizations.

Since the late nineties, clinical data managers were represented in the board of the PSDM and the activities of the working group were extended with scientific meetings and workshops specifically for that target group.

Since 2003, the PSDM joined the International Network of Clinical Data Management Associations (INCDMA).